Minerva Leads Charity Initiative to Raise Donations for children with cancer

Minerva Leads Charity Initiative to Raise Donations for children with cancer

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Minerva Risk Advisors is leading a charity drive to raise awareness and donations for Kidzcan Zimbabwe.

Kidzcan is the only organization in Zimbabwe who are dedicated to increasing the survival rate of children with cancer and working with affected families and communities. Kidzcan covers bills for diagnostic testing and treatment which includes chemotherapy drugs among others, and support groups for parents and families.

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Among the common types in children are the cancer of the brain, kidney and eyes and cancer of the blood, also known as leukemia, among others.

According to health practitioners, around 200 children are diagnosed with cancer yearly in Zimbabwe, while there are around 7,000 adults diagnosed annually with cancer.

Minerva has been supporting Kidzcan for years in raising funds for children diagonised with cancer.

Every year the insurance firm puts up Kidzcan graphics on their Borrowdale Road billboard during February to raise awareness of Orange week.

Staff also donate to Kidzcan and wear orange bandanas during Orange week (11 – 18 February, 2018) and Minerva matches staff donations with a donation from the company.

To improve community involvement, the firm has been calling people to take part in Organge Day on 15 Februray and to, “buy a bandana from Minerva’s offices in Newlands for $2.” The money raised from the sell of the bandanas will go towards supporting children with cancer.

“Every dollar donated can change a Child’s life”

There are also other ways for members of the public to help make a difference. People can support Kidzcan Zimbabwe with at least a $1 donation, through Ecocash using their merchant code 87391,  as well as the organizations website www.kidzcanzimbabwe.org. You can also contact their offices at 6 Natal Road, Belgravia to see how else you can help.

One scan can cost up to a $1,000, which is very unaffordable and chemotherapy drugs are very expensive. Donating a $1 is important, to provide a lifeline for children with cancer.

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