Learn more about the National Employment Council for Insurance Industry (necii)

Learn more about the National Employment Council for Insurance Industry (necii)

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This week we will be introducing a new column of the website which will focus on Career Managment and Human Resources issues in the Risk and Insurance Industry in Zimbabwe. The Column will be written by Mr Elvis Tazvivinga who has over 10 years experience in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations.

This article focusing on the body which caters for the employment interests between employers and employees in the Insurance Industry of Zimbabwe is a forerunner to the Column.


The National Employment Council For The Insurance Industry In Zimbabwe was formed in 2004 as a voluntary Employment Council in terms of the Labour Act Chapter 28:01 Section 56. It caters for the employment interests between employers and employees in the Insurance Industry of Zimbabwe. Its primary function is to perfect employment relations between employers and employees operating in the Insurance Industry. Its scope of coverage includes all employers (companies) registered or licensed in terms of the Insurance Act {Chapter 24.07} and or the Companies Act {Chapter 24.03} or the Pension and Provident Fund Act {Chapter 24.09}, and any other Institution administrating pension or Insuarance registered and established in terms of any other statute or any act of parliament in Zimbabwe whose core business is administration of pension and or Insurance including their employees.


The National Employment Council for Insurance Industry is constituted by Insurance Employers Association of Zimbabwe(IEAZ) on one hand and Insurance Employees Union of Zimbabwe(ZIEU)on the other hand being social partners.

In terms of the operations of the National Employment Council and in order to discharge its mandate the Social Partners appoints equal representation (representatives) in terms of their respective constitutions into the Council and Council Committees which are detailed below

Board of Councillors

It is the supreme body of the National Employment Council responsible for policy formulation and direction. It also oversees the operations of other Council Committees.The conduct of Council affairs and the mandate of the Boardof Councillors and its Committees are governed by the Council Constitution..

Each Social Partner has equal representation..


It is responsible for the general administration and perfom the finance function of the National Employment Council.


Responsible for negotiating conditions of employment for the industry on behalf of council e.g. CBA and Code of Conduct.


It is a special Committee responsible for hearing and disposing appeals from employers and employees in terms of the National Employment Council Code of conduct.it also adjudge grievances raised in terms of the National Employment Council Code of Conduct.


The Council appoints the Secretariat to assist in performing the functions of National Employment Council in order to meet its objectives.

The Secretariat consists of of an Independent Chairperson of Council who chairs the Board of Councillors,Appeals Committee and Negotiating Committee meetings. Another arm of the Secretariat consists of the General Secretary,Accountant and Designated Agents, and other support staff who are responsible for the day to day operations of the office under the guidance of the Executive Committeel.

The Secretariat is responsible for the following in terms of the labour Act 28:01;

»Collection of National Employment Council levies(Council Dues)

»Conciliation and Arbitration of labour disputes

»Implementing council policies e.g. minimum wages

»Policing Industry regulations

»Resolving labour disputes between employers and employees

»Facilitate membership to National Employment Council

»Interpreting labour regulations to employers and employees in the industry

»Facilitates the operations of council and its committees

»Assists workers committees,management and works council on their human resource operations

For more information on the Council visit their official website.

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