How to lodge Insurance Claims

How to lodge Insurance Claims

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Insurance contracts have certain express conditions that must be met before an insurer can settle a claim. It is important to note that when a mishap occurs, you must take reasonable steps to minimize the loss.  You should then  immediately notify your Insurance Broker of the loss suffered. This notification can be done either by telephone, fax, verbal communication, or email. You are required to submit the following in the event of a loss falling under the following classes:


When you are involved in an accident, you should immediately notify the police. Whilst at the scene of the accident, it is important for you to note the following; name and address of the third party, the model and registration number of the third party vehicle, name of the third party’s  insurer, and name and address of any injured persons.

Once this is done,  you must submit a duly completed claim form. You must also submit  three quotations from reputable garages,  a police report and copy of your driver’s license. Having submitted  all these documents, should you be dealing with Capitol, then our claims team will ensure that repairs are authorized within twenty four hours.

Non Motor Assets

A duly completed claim form is also required. In the case of theft, a police report is required. Claims of a small magnitude, that is less than $500, are paid whist you wait. Whereas for bigger and complex claims which require assessment and loss adjustment, the adjuster is appointed within 12 hours of submission of complete claims documentation.


In the event that a liability claim arises, you need to notify us immediately. Important to note is that you should not admit liability. However, you should take note of the name and address of the third party involved.  If there are any injured persons, you also need to take note of their names and addresses.

Group Personal Accident

In respect of claims of this nature you are required to submit a  claim form, a pay slip for the month prior to the accident, a medical report, medical bills and a death certificate in case of a death claim.

As Capitol, our aim is to demystify the myth surrounding claims settlement. We understand that when you pay your premium, we make an undertaking to restore you back to the financial position that you were in immediately before suffering the loss, therefore, it is important that you understand the part you need to play to quicken settlement of claims . Over and above this, we offer free risk surveys and valuation services. All this is done in our quest to roll out insurance that is neatly packaged, for you.

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