So how do the “Freebies” on Econet’s iDriveSure work?

So how do the “Freebies” on Econet’s iDriveSure work?

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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe in collaboration with TiB Insurance Brokers and Steward Bank recently introduced a car insurance product, iDriveSure.

iDriveSure is a bundled product incorporating Motor insurance, Vehicle and ZBC Licensing. It is available at selected Econet Shops and Steward Bank Branches nationwide. All cars that are on the ZINARA Licensing database can be signed up for the service.

Econet has been on a massive marketing drive promoting this product. As an incentive for members of the public to take up their motor vehicle insurance products the company  has been offering a number of “freebies” like Free Accident cover worth $5,000, Free Vehicle Tracking, Free Roadside Assistance and Free Airtime.

However, do not get too excited about these ‘freebies’ they are not as ‘free’ as the word free they are tied to the type of motor vehicle cover that you would have purchased.

So how do the “Freebies” on Econet’s iDriveSure work??

iDriveSure has three main packages; the third party insurance cover, Comprehensive Standard and the Comprehensive Plus. The following freebies apply to your iDriveSure motor vehicle insurance cover:

Third party cover $5 Free airtime upon every renewal
Comprehensive Standard Free Roadside assistance + $5 airtime
Comprehensive Plus Free roadside assistance and Free vehicle tracking + $5 airtime

To get the third party insurance cover, it costs $35.60 per term (a term is a 4 month period). For this type of insurance cover you will only get “free” airtime worth $5 and only in cases of an emergency.

To get the Comprehensive Standard package you will pay 4.5% of  your motor vehicle value, only if its book value is below $10 000. For this type of cover the freebies you get is O “free” roadside assistance as well as the “free” $5 airtime.

The Comprehensive Plus package is for those vehicles whose book value is above $10 000, like the Comprehensive Standard package it also costs 4.5% of the motor vehicle value per term. This package comes with all the above mentioned freebies that is roadside assistance and $5 airtime for emergencies. It however, has an additional freebie of vehicle tracking services.

Installation for vehicle tracking services will take up to 72 hours from date of purchase and submission of application forms and relevant documents.

iDriveSure also has another freebie Free Accident cover worth $5,000, this cover is for you the individual and this freebie applies to all iDriveSure packages. Vehicles are covered by the vehicle insurance.

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