Dead Body Never Decomposed

Dead Body Never Decomposed

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A leading Funeral Assurance Company in Zimbabwe, Moonlight Funeral Services Private Limited has refuted claims that it delivered a decomposed body, at a burial in Kadoma.

Bulawayo24 reported on Tuesday 6 February that the Sibindi family of Lion Hill Farm (along Patchway road) got the shock of their life when they found the body of their relative in a decomposing state at Moonlight’s funeral parlour in Kadoma.


Speaking to Berina FM one of the relatives said that it was difficult to identify the body of their cousin as it was decomposed.

“It’s as if we are fighting to know the cause of death, we only brought the body here so that it can be kept in a decent way while we await the arrival of some of our relatives. How can they justify the decomposition of the body, it is difficult to identify our relative now. We even had a debate with some saying he is the one, while others doubted. It’s my first time to witness such a thing,” said the relative who only identified himself as the cousin of the deceased.

The news was picked up by social media and became viral. The social media reports intimated that Moonlight delivered a decomposed body after they had taken the body to their mortuary in good condition.

Moonlight however on their official Facebbok page refuted the claims that the body was decomposed and blamed the reports on people meant “to tarnish the good name of the company.”

Moonlight says that it did investigations with regards to the issues and even engaged the family of the bereaved; and found out that the reports were just a hoax meant to tarnish the image of the funeral assurance company.

According to Moonlight Funeral, the family of the bereaved confirmed that they did not receive a decomposed body and they were not aware of the people or persons who were peddling such lies.

“Moonlight funeral services Private limited has become aware of a circulating story that it decomposed a body in Kadoma after a removal of a deceased body.

“The company engaged the family of the deceased over the circulating story in a bid to understand what transpired during the course of the service and the family is not aware of any one behind this story and the interest such people are representing.

“We would like all our clients and the community in Kadoma to disregard the story as it is only meant to tarnish the good name of the company. We assure all our clients that we continue to provide professional services and the high quality standards you expect from us yesterday, today and tomorrow,” stated Moonlight of its official Facebook Page.

The firm says it is committed to offering quality services to its clients, this is the reason why last year, Moolight were the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management-Most Trusted Brands-Award Winner 2017 and also the Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe Award Winners 2017.

Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management-Most Trusted Brands-Award Winner 2017-Moonlight

Moonlight is one of Zimbabwe’s leading funeral assurance company  and has the largest branch network.

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Kadoma is a City located in Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. The City's mayor is His Worship Muchineripi Chinyanganya. Read More

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