Scholars’ Personal Accident Cover; Protecting The Schools’ Biggest Assets

Scholars’ Personal Accident Cover; Protecting The Schools’ Biggest Assets

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The running of any learning institution is a serious responsibility. Maintaining the premises in a manner that is safe to students and employing the right people are no light matters. Added to this is the very important business of educating future generations. One of the main concerns of school officials is the safety and well-being of students, hence Personal Accident Insurance.

One might recall The Moleli High School Boat Disaster of 1995 which claimed the lives of 22 students, and the Regina Coeli Bus Disaster of 1991 which claimed the lives of 88 people including students and teachers. These are some of the major tragedies that have rocked the nation in recent years and have served as a reminder to us that such contingencies should be prudently planned for. While not all eventualities will be on such a major scale, a child falling and breaking their arm during play time or a student drowning in the school swimming pool could be equally daunting and the same contingency measures would be equally useful.

The need for personal accident insurance has been emphasized by these serious/fatal injuries that have occurred to pupils. From as little as $2.00 per term for each student, you will have peace of mind. Students can enjoy benefits of treatment up to $5, 000. Students will have access to ambulance and air rescue service and should the most unfortunate happen, cover for funeral expenses up to $5, 000.00 will be provided.

With the Scholars Personal Accident Insurance, we ensure that students are covered if an accident results in injury, hospitalization and more. And because we know that students don’t stop being your students just because they are off-campus, our cover continues for 24 hours a day.Whether within or outside the school premises, the Scholars Personal Accident Cover provides cover to students while traveling by any kind of public or private transport and while riding as a fare-paying passenger on any commercial airline anywhere in the world.

Ensuring children’s safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance. Capitol Insurance Brokers are there to provide neatly packaged products, superior innovation and advisory services for the best insurance packages. Why not try us! Visit us on for more neatly packaged insurance products.

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