How to Insure your cash

How to Insure your cash

In business, handling money either in transit, cash counters or in your safe often causes anxiety for everyone. Incidences like burglary or theft make you feel helpless. Money Insurance Policy can help you successfully overcome these situations and put you firmly in control of your business and dream of making it big. With Money Policy, you can safeguard your money no matter where it is. However there are many techniques that can be used to safeguard money and these are as follows

  1. It is important for companies to encourage their customers to make payments direct to the bank to avoid large sums of money accumulating at the business premises.
  2. Cash receipts should be regularly banked to reduce the amount of money stored at the company.
  3. Money should be stored in an electronic safe outside normal business hours.
  4. When transporting money to the bank it is important to use a Security Company failing which your messengers should be accompanied by somebody else.
  5. Companies are advised not to have predictable times for sending money to the bank, as this will result in them being targeted by thieves.
  6. If the organization handles large amounts of cash, it is important to engage the services of reputable security company for the transportation of the cash.
  7. When transporting money, it is important not to take any detour as one risks being followed by robbers.
  8. When travelling, money should not be left in an unattended vehicle
  9. The keys to the safe or strong room should be kept in a secured place.

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