PSMI staff go an extra mile to save patient’s life


Victoria Falls: Premier Service Medical Investments (Pvt) Ltd (PSMI) staff members lived up to the institution’s values when they went out of their way to help a customer who had come at one of the Premier Service Pharmaceuticals (PSP) centers in Victoria Falls to purchase drugs.

The patient had been referred to PSMI, by another medical centre only to get seriously ill outside the PSP premises. An alert dispensary assistant, Virginia Poni, noticed that the patient could no longer withstand the pains, as he was finding it difficult to stand upright, and quickly notified EMRAS who came to the patient’s rescue.

Ambulance technicians Herbert Hove and Sithembiso Ngwenya responded swiftly, made an assessment and gathered some patient history before consulting the Pharmacist Maibongwe Moyo, intending to get at least a dose of pain relief medication to for the patient as the rest of his order was being prepared.

However, the patient was vomiting profusely and could not take oral medication. The EMRAS team aptly called the patient’s doctor for medical direction. The doctor managed to prescribe a strong pain killer over the phone which was then injected into the patient.

The patient was then wheeled to the clinic, and observed until he was stable enough to leave the medical centre.

The PSMI Victoria Falls Team that went out of their way to save a patient’s life

“Well done to the Victoria Falls team who responded swiftly to the patient’s call and also for going an extra mile to ensure that the patient received the best experience at PSMI Medical Centre. He came to the centre only to purchase his drugs but he ended up being served by EMRAS and he left the medical centre a happy patient,” stated PSMI on its official website.

Indeed Friday the 20th of October 2017, is a day when PSMI placed an indelible mark on the 30-year-old patient who had just come in for drugs only to find himself in a medical emergency.

“In deed they left a lasting positive impact on his life and those close to him because he is going to tell his story to all who are close to him.”

PSMI called all its staff members across all its centers to emulate the Victoria Falls team.

“Let us all take a leaf in the Victoria Falls team’s book so that the experience one receives at a service centre in Harare is the same one gets in Chipinge and across all PSMI centres,” said PSMI.

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