BREAKING NEWS: MSU Postpones Graduation, Students say University has poor risk management

BREAKING NEWS: MSU Postpones Graduation, Students say University has poor risk management

By Donald Tafadzwa Chidoori

The Midlands State University has announced that it has postponed the 2018 graduation ceremony which was supposed to be held in 48hrs, to a date to be advised.

“Midlands State University wishes to advise its valued stakeholders that, due to circumstances beyond its control, the graduation ceremony which was scheduled for the 24th of November 2017 has been postponed to a date to be advised,” MSU announced on its Official Facebook Page.

Students and parents who were already in Gweru for the ceremony, and some who were already on their way to Gweru from all over the country, and some who were coming from South Africa, were enraged by the decision by the institution to cancel the event 48 hours before the day.

Most parents and students  who responded to the posts on the institution’s FB page said the decision was a sign of poor risk management, on the part of the institution.

They blamed the authorities at the institution for failing to manage the political risks that were folding in the country, especially when the Chancellor of MSU was given a deadline for Monday to resign or face impeachment by his own political Party, Zanu PF.

VP Phekezela Mphoko is also hold up outside the country, Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo, in no where to be seen. This left the university ill-deposed and they just had to cancel the event on time argued the parents.

“Its quite disturbing n annoying wen these so called professors n doctors fail some simple n logical reasoning ,it was quite obvious that this was not going to happen as expected but they still insisted n in less than 48hrs they have changed the plan. Vakuru kana machembera siyaiwo basa sezvakaita vamwe coz maybe kwava kukura,”  said Trymore Chimwe as he called for old professors and doctors to resign for failing to manage the political risks that were foreseeable

Some of the top Comments from the official Facebook page.

Mujuru Sylvester You knew very well that you were going to postpone this ceremony yet you continued to insist that the ceremony is on, inconveniencing thousands of people in the process.. Shame on you MSU officials even thought the situation was beyond your control.

Fadzie Venge the least you could have done was to tell us well before this last minute given that you knew about the uncertainties going on. for a reputable institution like MSU, i find it very unprofessional to lead us astray , assuring us that the graduation would go on and left us to prepare until this last minute. Im so disappointed in you to say the least.

Melissa Guse With the financial situation in Zimbabwe, couldn’t any authority foresee this and advise before we travelled. Really!! Our poor parents gave us their last monies to travel here only to be told go back and come back yet there is no money for that. Ayaz we are grieved.

The news to postpone the event has grieved many students especially after the institution yesterday at Yesterday at 10:14  refuted reports by the NewsDay that the graduation had been postponed and posted on its official social media page that the graduation was still on.

“Midlands State University would like to advise its valued stakeholders that the Graduation Ceremony scheduled for Friday the 24th of November remains unchanged. Please kindly note that any changes will be communicated to you through our official website and Facebook page Midlands State University” said the university.

Yesterday the NewsDay reported that MSU had postponed the graduation ceremony but the university dismissed the report and encouraged students to come for the graduation ceremony.

Lindie Irene Pix Moyo Munobhowa why do you act like you not professionals. Newsday makairambira nyamba yaitotaura chokwadi. Like seriously how can you cancel just a few hrs bfr rehearsals.
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Poor Risk Management from a University that has a Master and Hons Degree in Insurance and Risk Management 

Most of the 127 comments posted on the MSU Facebook page highlighted that the University should have cautioned graduates instead of assuring them that the graduation.

This was poor risk management for a university that has a degree and masters in risk and insurance the students argued.

comments a little bit harsh …

Considering that I am a former student of the Midlands State University, most of the comments were a little bit harsh on the institution as the situation was beyond their control.

While other argued that the University should have postponed the date just like the University of Zimbabwe did. The scenarios were different.

UZ was faced with a different predicament but one which they – unlike MSU – could control, the University of Zimbabwe had to cancel its final examinations because they could control the dates and time but MSU could not control the dates and time of the ceremony.

Another state university, the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) was told hours before the Graduation Ceremony that it was still on, so the decision to cancel the graduation was not in the hands of the institution as many would like to think.

As Brian Tatenda Madziba aptly put it:

“True, the financial repurcussions are hard and painful ( i was already in gweru myself) but given the current political situation i am inclined to the sympathise with the university when it says the circumstances were beyond its control.The university should just have had foresight though and warned of this possible scenario because there are indeed a lot of comradess that have been lift in limbo.nonetheless, we await…”

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