PSMAS joins whistle blower platform

PSMAS joins whistle blower platform

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Ishemunyoro Chingwere
Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS), has joined international whistle-blowing platform, Tip Offs Anonymous, as it continues its re-branding exercise and enhancing transparency in handling public funds.

The country’s largest medical aid group has been riddled by scandals that first came to the fore in January 2014 when a report showed top management earning at least $1 million in basic monthly salaries at a time the society was reeling under a $38 million debt.

“PSMAS is committed to being an open, honest and transparent organisation, with greater accountability. As part of our strategic direction, we are presenting an opportunity for members, service providers and even members of the public to look out for possible fraudulent activity within the society and within our stakeholders,” said PSMAS in a statement released by their public relations manager Arthur Choga.

“The glory of Tip Offs Anonymous is that whatever tip offs are made, the information does not come to PSMAS directly, but is handled by a third party, which has vast experience in verifying the information and taking the necessary steps thereafter.

“We are very happy, as an organisation to be a part of Tip Offs Anonymous because this reinforces our commitment to honouring our values as an organisation. It also serves to notify all our stakeholders that we are completely geared towards achieving the kind of service we have always promised,” said PSMAS in a statement.

Source: The Herald

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