Insurers rank fairly high in Zim Customer Satisfaction Index

Select Research Managing director Tov Manene (on the right) speaking to another customer service expert

By Kuda Pembere

The inaugural National Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) 2017, conducted by Select Research and the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe, found that the majority of Zimbabwean customers are satisfied with the services offered by insurers, as insurers scooped the second, third and fourth highest rankings.

The Customer Satisfaction Index offers insight into the measure of quality of Zimbabwean products and services from the perspective of the customer.

Out of  a sample of 2970 randomly selected customers, the index found out that the majority of customers were happy with services provided by the respective service providers as the customer satisfaction index showed a national average ranking of 70,2 percent.

The results from the inaugural survey, which was launched today at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), indicated that insurers were only bettered by the Hospitality industry, which had the highest CSI ranking with 84, 7 percent.

The medical aid sector with a CSI of 78, 7 percent, was ranked second, and performed well above the national customer satisfaction index of 70, 2 percent.

Speaking at the launch of the index report, Select Research Managing Director Mr Tov Manene said that the high CSI ranking was proof that consumers buying medical insurance products were ‘fairly’ satisfied in terms of customer excellence.

Companies looked at in the medical aid society sector included First Mutual, Generation Health, Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society, Liberty Health, CIMAS, Heritage PSMAS.

Long term (76, 6 percent) and Short term (73, 3 percent) insurance companies also scored above the National CSI average ranking and took third and fourth positions respectively.

In the short term insurance companies that where surveyed were, CBZ, Altfin, Nicoz Diamond, Eagle, Tristar, Zimnat and Alliance. While in the long term insurance sector surveyed companies included; Zimnat, Old Mutual, Fidelity and First Mutual.

Manene also noted that  sectors in the financial services sector ferried well above the national index.

“I think it’s (the CSI rakning) fair enough I guess, so you will find that there are certain organisations that are below the national level of 70.2% and we have companies and sectors that are above the national level. Long term insurance, 76, 6 percent, Short term 73, 3 percent, we have banks fighting with insurance companies here ” he said.

Medical Aid Societies scored high in customer service rankings at a time the government through the Ministry of Health and Child Care, has come up with  raft of regulation to improve service delivery within the medical aid services sector and to bring down insurance costs which are beyond the reach of the poor.

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The new regulatory framework is also expected to end the squabbles between doctors and medical insurers over pricing of medical health services. The impasse between the doctors and the medical aid societies has affected the customers more as they are forced to cover for medical expenses through co-payments and shortfalls. So as to meet the discrepancies in pricing between Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) and Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZiMA) rates.

Tensions between doctors and medical aid funders reached boiling point last year as Doctors were turning away medical aid card members demanding payment in excess of $220 million, which they said medical aid funders owed them, forcing thousands of patients to pay cash and or rely on underfunded State hospitals.

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