Tips for Preventing Theft of Laptops and Personal Electronics- Part 2

Tips for Preventing Theft of Laptops and Personal Electronics- Part 2

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In our last insertion we highlighted the tips to help you protect your personal electronics and laptops. Below is the second part of the article as we promised in our last publication.

Flying with Your Laptop and Other Devices

Beware of this scam when approaching the X-ray scanner at the airport: The first person passes through the scanner quickly. The second person moves slowly, being delayed by pockets full of change, keys, etc. Meanwhile, the travelers stuck behind him have already placed their belongings — including laptops, cell phones, and tablets — on the conveyor belt. The first thief picks up the laptop as if it were his own and walks away while the other thief continues to hold up the line. ONLY PUT THE LAPTOP ON THE CONVEYOR BELT WHEN YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE! Keep your eye on your laptop, tablet, or other electronics as they come off the conveyor belt. And alert security personnel immediately if you think someone is attempting to steal your devices.

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Be Cautious When Leaving the Store with Your New Gadgets

  • Be cautious when making electronic purchases, thieves know that as excited customers walk out of the store they forget to take precautionary measures
  • If an online tracking system is available for your device, get the extra assistance in the store for setup before exiting the store.
  • Don’t be distracted as you exit local cell phone stores and other electronic specialty stores that sell these items. Be deliberate as you exit these stores, concealing your purchase(s) and focusing on getting to your next destination.
  • Report suspicious people. Inside a store: Do you notice people who are paying more attention to the purchases being made, rather than checking out new products? Outside a store: Do you see suspicious people standing at or near the exit for no real purpose? Report.
  • Try to shop with a friend. Most victims who report crimes that involve snatching new products are people who have shopped alone. If you have an elderly parent, please make preparations to accompany him or her to make these kinds of purchases or suggest ordering them online.

There are a variety of technologies that exist that can assist you in protecting your laptop computer and other electronics. You can check out commercially available software that can provide a means of protecting your devices from intrusion and prevent thieves from getting to your personal data. Most mobile devices include the ability to remotely “wipe” or erase the data from the cell phone or tablet should your device be lost or stolen. Services provided by device manufacturers, such as “Find My iPhone” (available in the Apple App Store) or Google’s “Find My Phone” (available from Google Play) also enable you to track your device using a computer, but YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT and enable the app or service for it to work. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Report Thefts and Disable Your Device

If a theft does occur, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to the police. Users should have the make, model, and serial number available so police can file a complete report and enter the stolen electronic device information immediately on the stolen items list. If you have been the victim of a crime and your cellular-enabled phone or tablet was stolen, you can take measures to make it economically worthless to the individual(s) who have taken your property. The major cell carriers are able to disable devices for customers who report their device lost or stolen if you request this service.

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