How you can pay less for motor insurance

How you can pay less for motor insurance

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The chances that one ends up paying more than necessary on car insurance are very high. This is so because most people are reluctant to research about motor insurance. However, with technological advancements, assistance has been enhanced in research through the use of the internet and affordable insurance quotes can now be easily obtained. Below are some of the ways one can adopt to pay less for motor insurance:

1.    Keeping your driver’s record clean
Your driving record is given the utmost priority by the insurer when it comes to offering cheap insurance quotes. You need to drive defensively and safely following traffic rules and regulations. If you haven’t been involved in an accident for at least 3 years, insurers normally grant a discount on motor insurance policy for the positive risk feature.

2. Inquiring on all the discounts available

Some of the available discounts include:

  • Senior citizen discounts for drivers aged 55 or more.
  • Safe driver discounts.
  • Installation of motor vehicle tracking system
  • Restricted use of motor vehicle on a named driver basis

3.    Equipping your vehicle with safety devices 
Cars that are equipped with safety features have less probability of being stolen. This factor is given due prominence by insurers when determining insurance rates. By installing safety devices such as anti-lock braking system, alarm system and a GPS system on your car, you can get competitive insurance rates.

4.    Combined insurance 
It is recommended that you buy your home and car insurance policy from the same insurer. Your car insurer will consider this while determining your insurance rate and you may pay less on insurance premiums. Homeowners and motor insurance are two types of insurances that almost all individuals need to have. Whenever you merge your home and car insurance, you won’t just lower your expenses, but you would have the added convenience of one insurance package, one payment to make and one renewal date.

5.    Defensive driving 
The insured can also do defensive driving which assists in avoiding accident situations hence minimizing losses. Defensive driving also helps by giving advice to the drivers on how to minimize losses after an accident. This also lowers the insurance premiums payable.

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