Sahwira Lite to meet funeral costs not covered by ordinary funeral policies

Sahwira Lite to meet funeral costs not covered by ordinary funeral policies

The full costs associated with a funeral are usually unknown up until five or so days after the funeral. Some of the costs are usually unexpected both in amount and in nature. A Leading Funeral Services provider in Zimbabwe Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company has come up with just the product to cover such costs – Sahwira Lite.

BY Donald Tafadzwa Chidoori

The basic services offered on most funeral plans are; body removal services from place of death to mortuary, mortuary & chapel services, provision of coffin and hearse, documentation processing (burial order) and graveside equipment and assistance.  Funeral plans do not however, cover costs associated with bringing other relatives to and from the funeral, balance in bride price or ‘Kuripa mhosva’.

While death is not an event that we like to think of or talk about, it will eventually happen at one point, and when it happens and your funeral plan covers for everything  you would have a peace of mind. However, if there is drama like your in laws refusing to bury your beloved because there is a balance in bride price, or there is need to pay a fine ‘Kuripa Mhosva’ you would wish you had extra cash to pay for this unexpected funeral expense.

Nyaradzo Group Corporate Communications Manager Kudzai Mpunzwana says Sahwira Lite provides cash to meet incidentals that arise during funerals in line with our traditional norms and values. And to complement the existing Nyaradzo funeral packages which only provide funeral services.

“The product is designed to provide financial assistance to every Zimbabwean during the time of bereavement. Sahwira Lite provides cash to meet incidentals that arise during funerals in line with our traditional norms and values,” Mpunzwana said.

“Sahwira Lite Funeral Cash Plan will enable one to meet other funeral incidentals which are not ordinarily covered by funeral policies,” she added.

Mpunzwana said that  Nyaradzo Life carried out extensive market research over several months to come up with a product, “that is competitively priced balancing the affordability while guaranteeing a substantial amount to cater for funeral expenses.”

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Sahwira Lite has premiums as low as 50 cents per life assured, with a cash payout of up to $500 depending on the sum assured. Biological/ legally adopted children below the age of 23 are covered for free.

Mpunzwana said that on top of the Sahwira Lite product being developed to complement its range of funeral assurance solutions which mainly focus on providing funeral services. The product was also developed to support government policy on financial inclusion, by creating a micro insurance product that enables everyone, from anywhere in the country to have a peace of mind knowing that their funeral expenses are covered.

“Sahwira Lite range of products was developed to complement our existing product range of funeral assurance solutions which were mainly focused on providing funeral services (the Sixpack, Scorepack and Group Policies).

“Sahwira Lite was also developed in response to the RBZ and IPEC National Financial Inclusion Strategy which seeks to promote affordable and appropriate financial services within the country and to assist the apex bank attain the expected increase in financial services usage from 69% in 2014 to at least 90% by 2020, said Mpunzwana.

The Corporate Communications Manager, also said that the Sahwira Lite product was part of the Group’s customer-focused purpose and dedication in  providing cutting edge solutions that meet the ever changing needs and wants of their clients.

“Tastes and preferences change over time. As a dynamic organisation, we continuously keep our fingers on the pulse so as to offer our clients cutting edge solutions,” Mpunzwana said.

Mpunzwana said that products such as Sahwira Lite and other funeral assurance plans were important to protect families against the financial burden of funeral expenses, hence the need for people to plan for their deaths.

“Death is a part of life and has to be planned for. Buying a funeral policy is about protecting one’s family against the financial burden of funeral expenses in the event of the death of a loved one,” she concluded.

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