Insurance product to provide 100% cover for Samsung devices

Insurance product to provide 100% cover for Samsung devices

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By Taurai Craig Museka

A leading distributor of Samsung products in Zimbabwe GetSam Electronics has launched an insurance product under the name SAMSure to protect users of Samsung gadgets against different kinds of risks.

The product which is underwritten by Credsure Insurance Company is a first specialised insurance product of its kind in the Zimbabwean mobile industry.

G-Tel and Econet (through its Hauwei Mobile Phones), sale customised mobile phones but their products do not come with insurance.

Companies such as Old Mutual have come up with insurance products such as Gadget Insurance to cover the gap.

Considering the number of mobile phone thefts and number of devices that get damaged daily. This is a welcome product in the non-life insurance industry.

Samsure covers Samsung devices against different types of risks, enabling Samsung users to have peace of mind as they use their gadgets.

The insurance product is quite comprehensive as it covers accidental damage, liquid damage, breakdown, loss, theft, out of warranty repairs, service and also accessories of the mobile phone.

It however, does not cover faults within the warranty of Samsung, a 3rd claim in 3 months, a cosmetic damage were the phone is functional, except in the case of  cracked screen, damages caused by making alterations to the device, any data on a missing device and claim excess fees.

According to the official Samsure website the insurance product is available for users of Samsung mobile phones models no older than 3 years. However more devices will be added in the near future.

The Insurance product can be accessed through different Samsung distributors and also online through a dedicated website.

The covers are divided into three distinct plans depending on the needs of the user. The first one termed ADH is the least and covers for common day to day mishaps such as screen damage and liquid damage. The second is termed Extra and as the name suggests it gives extra cover above the covers on the ADH it covers theft and loss of the device and battery or charging system repair or replacement. Lastly the Premium plan is the most comprehensive of the three.

All these plans come with freebies that include firmware and software upgrades, tempered glass and also discounts for purchases made at GetSam.

On top of that the policy cover has add on (extras) for accessories such as covers and cases.

The service has a dedicated 24hour claim contact centre to cater for claims. There are also dedicated service centres were mobile phone can be fixed if they are damaged. Users can get courtesy devices whilst their devices are being fixed.

This product however, is only targeted for Samsung devices, it will be good to see more manufacturers initiating insurance products like this. The insurance industry in Zimbabwe has been lagging behind in terms of targeted insurance services.

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