Did you know that home comprehensive insurance covers spoilt food

Did you know that home comprehensive insurance covers spoilt food

A man hunting for a midnight snack in the refrigerator and has found a container with stinking spoiled rotten food which has made his face twisted with his wretched disgust.

When we think of insurance, be it motor or home insurance, we tend to focus on those things that your policy won’t cover, but have you ever looked at the things that your policy will cover? There are some obvious events covered under your home insurance policy, like storm damage, break in, theft and fire, but under closer investigation, you could be protected from a few surprising things, too.

  1. Spoilt food

Most of us have become price savvy and will take advantage of a good bargain at the butcher’s or supermarket. Breakdown or accidental damage to your refrigerator or deep freezer, or accidental power failure could leave you with a freezer full of spoilt food. This is covered by your house-holders policy. Your policy will, “in the event of deterioration of foodstuffs in the fridge or freezer, indemnify you for loss of foodstuffs.”

2. Animal Bites

It would be a daunting ordeal if your pet dog were to sink its teeth into your guest, not to mention the costs associated with getting medical attention for the injured person. Your house- holders insurance will cover the medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental bodily injury sustained by any person other than yourself caused by a domestic animal that you own.

3. Locks and Keys

After a burglary, replacing and changing locks and keys is one of the first things you have to consider doing, just in case the robber went off with your set of keys, in anticipation of a repeat job. Fortunately you will not have to break the bank in order to do so. Your house- holders insurance will cover replacement of locks and keys for outside doors of your house and any outbuildings if the locks and keys have been stolen.

4. Temporary Living Expenses

Should your house become inhabitable after damage due to an insured event, your insurance will cover your temporary living expenses while your house is being repaired, including hotel bills and meals. But you cannot live in the hotel forever and eat lobster every night on the insurance company’s tab. Your policy will have limits on how long you stay and how much you can spend.

Source: Capitol Insurance Brokers

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