Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan changing women’s lives

Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan changing women’s lives

Juliet Ajira

BY Tafadzwa Chidoori

Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan has brought relief to women who do not have professional qualifications and are finding it hard to get jobs.

Juliet Ajara, a Doves Independent Partner says that the Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan network marketing platform has managed to transform her life and that of many other women in the country.

“Not so long ago I did not even have a funeral policy, now I do not only have a funeral policy but also a business that has capacitated me to take good care of my family,” says Juliet.

Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan

The Shiri/Inyoni network marketing Funeral Plan has given women the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.

The best thing about networking marketing is that women are able to put their oral skills to make money and fend for their families.

“I remember before the introduction of the Shiri Funeral Plan we used to use word of mouth to market Insurance products and even consumer products we had a great experience with for free, now we are using word of mouth to market insurance products at the same time making money.

“As women we are happy and are rejoicing for the opportunity we have been given to make money, previously we would struggle to get food on our table but now, for some of us who are really good we are earning from $70, $90 and on some bad days $20 a day.”

“Of which looking at it $20 is a lot of money for someone who used to sit at home without any form of income,” asserted Mrs Ajara.

The Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan has also liberated women from depending on their husbands financially and has resulted in many women becoming the breadwinners in their families.

“Before I joined the Shiri network marketing Funeral Plan I would struggle to buy a packet of salt. But now the plan has brought a lot of relief for women and has reduced squabbles with our husbands about money in the family as we are now making earnings of our own,” said Mrs Ajara.

The Shiri Funeral plan has come at a time when the country is encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting women empowerment.

For Juliet the Shiri Funeral Plan has enabled women to start their own incoming project with just $13 and you can as much as US$10, 000.00 depending on how much work you would have done.

She has also invested the money she got from the plan to boost a thriving herbal products business.

Juliet Ajara has managed to boost her herbal products projects using income from the Shiri Funeral Plan Network Marketing

The Shiri Funeral Plan was an innovative idea which was started by Doves Funeral Assurance; it has helped Doves to increase its market share and has led to a growing loyal and innovative business partner’s base.

“I do not see myself as an employee of Doves but as a partner, such that if I see a Doves vehicle broken down, I will go and inquire to find out what the problem with my asset is, why? Because I am a business partner and have a franchise for just $13,” proudly stated Juliet.

Shiri/Inyoni Funeral Plan is an easy and free to join network marketing platform that is underwritten by Doves Funeral Assurance and offers an opportunity to every Zimbabwean to transform their lives. Clients are offered the opportunity to partner with Doves as independent partners.

But how does the scheme work

  • One needs to be an ID holding Zimbabwean with a phone with Android to download the Shiri Application on Google Play Store, and pay $12.50/month for a funeral cover that covers the principal, spouse and biological children.
  • Shiri Funeral Plan clients are also offered a “business opportunity in which its partners earn a cluster commission of $10 or $20 for referrals who purchase the insurance cover. For every 3 paying customers you refer you’re awarded $20.
  • A Shiri Funeral Plan Partner will also receive payouts referral rebates of $0.50 for every first generation member per month
    Second generation $1,
    Third- sixth generations $0.25,
    and Seventh generation $1,
  • The Shiri policy also offers all services plus this policy gives you a bouquet of flowers and  two executive cars for immediate family and courtesy car and executive bus.

The shrinking insurance market and the ever decreasing insurance penetration rate has led to leading brands and companies in the funeral assurance sector to seek new ways to communicate with their customers and gain market share. Doves introduced Shiri/Inyoni as a funeral marketing plan which uses modern network marketing to invite people to join the plan.

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