Zimpost takes insurance services closer to the people

Zimpost takes insurance services closer to the people

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Zimbabwe’s leading postal, communication and financial services provider Zimpost, has managed to take insurance products and services closer to the people.

Zimpost offers a variety of insurance products and services in both rural, peri-urban and urban areas. Making insurance products easily accessible to everyone in Zimbabwe.

The Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) and the Insurance Pensions Commission (Ipec) have been on a campaign to reduce motor insurance fraud and the risk of dealing with fraudulent or under the tree insurance companies and agents.

Victims of insurance fraud in Zimbabwe only realise that have been duped upon making a claim against an “insured risk”. As a reaction to the increases of cases third party insurance fraud ICZ has put up a number of billboards across the country encouraging motorists to buy insurance products from authentic and registered insurance companies, agents and brokers.

Together with companies in the insurance industry, the regulatory body Ipec is educating insurance policy buyers on how to buy authentic policies.

While the efforts by Ipec, ICZ and the insurance industry are commendable the services being offered by Zimpost are just but the solution to the cancer of insurance fraud in Zimbabwe and ensuring that people get authentic easily accessible insurance policies.

Zimpost agency services offer amongst other things motor vehicle Insurance on behalf of various Ipec registered insurance companies, Motor Vehicle licenses on behalf of ZINARA and Pensions payments from NRZ, First Mutual and NSSA.

Zimbabwe’s largest short term insurance company has a network of six (6) offices country wide, its partnership with Zimpost has enabled it to have access to 230 Zimpost outlets at its disposal making its products and services easily accessible to thousands of Zimbabweans who did not have prior access.

Instead of travelling long distances to visit, an insurance office, broker or agent and moving from place to place to get insurance quotations motorists just need to visit any “one stop” Zimpost outlet to get all these services.

This has opened a new world of convenience for both motorists and pensioners.

Zimpost has over the years diversified its product portfolio from being a predominantly mail­driven business to a flexible communication enhancer.

So on top of getting motor vehicle third insurance motorists are getting other necessary documents and services like:

  • Car Radio licences
  • Motor vehicle number plates
  • Change of ownership – including minor changes on registration book details
  • Application for a lost driver’s license and Third plates
  • Driver’s licenses collections

This diversification drive by Zimpost is in response to the ever changing customer needs and expectations and a bid to increase financial inclusion to everyone in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe currently has an insurance penetration rate of 2%.

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