How to secure the future of your child’s education


By Tafadzwa Chidoori

It is every parent’s dream to provide good, quality education for their children, but for many parents in Zimbabwe this dream is unattainable.

And for those children leaving the dream of good quality education, and are currently learning at Trust Schools and Private Colleges their dreams are dashed and their lives instantly turned upside down the moment the bread winner is incapacitated to provide for the family due to death or loss of income.

It is no news that one day a child is learning at Chisipiti and the next he/she is enrolled at Mabvuku High, after the death of a breadwinner. And it is also true that while it is every parent’s wish that their children have good quality education, most children despite being intelligent end up going to upper top schools because their parents cannot afford good quality education.

The most difficult part of parenting is achieving the fit of a better future for your children, especially when most parents are leaving from hand to mouth.

The current economic situation has forced many parents to forgo the needs of the future and to dwell on the needs of today. The result has been a bleak and dark future for their children.

For most parents the dream ends up being just but a dream. Most parents will never wake up from this slumber unless they turn to affordable and alternative child education plans.

To ensure that parents fulfill the dream of better education for their children, financial planning especially a Child Education Insurance policy will help them achieve these dreams.

There is no better gift to give your child than the promise of a secure education, be it you are alive and or incapacitated to provide for your family due to illness or death.

Parents should go ahead and invest in an education Insurance plan, but should always compare quotes before finally putting pen to paper.

Here is a look at some of the Child Education Plans Available in Zimbabwe …

The Fidelity Life Education Provider Fund 

This cover is meant for secondary education, and guarantees the availability of school fees to the elected child or children whether the parent is alive or late. In addition to having a life cover this policy plan also earns a bonus at the turn of each year. Premiums are payable for a fixed term and are dependent on the nominated child’s age. Benefits are paid per term starting from the first term of the year the entitled child commences secondary education up to the third term of the sixth year in high school. The policy gets paid up upon the premature death of the insured parent or guardian and will provide full benefits on the due dates for the elected child or children. In the event of premature death of the nominated child, the parent or guardian has a right to nominate another beneficiary or to receive benefits when they become due.

CBZ Life Guaranteed Education Plan 

This education plan is meant for your child’s education from preschool to tertiary education level whether the Parent is alive or in the event of an untimely death after contributing for 6 months, whereby CBZ Life will take over payment of the contributions to your child’s Education Plan Account until the Plan matures. With this cover your child’s education account will thus continue to grow whether you are there or not. In addition to having a life cover this policy plan also earns a bonus at the turn of each year. Premiums are as low as $10 per month.

School Fees Protect from Minerva

The cover is meant to ensure that your children can continue their education if you become disabled due to a visible, external accident or lose your life. The Policy covers your child’s school for all the remaining fees until your child finishes school. For example: If a parent/guardian dies and the child is in form 1, term 3 the policy would immediately pay to the school the fees from form 2 to form 6. Premiums are driven by the school fees starting from as little as $4 per student per term.

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  1. Helpful post, wasn’t aware of the other two policies (Minerva and Fidelity). It would be beneficial if you could do a follow up assessing the risks involved with taking up any of these policies, and the technical benefits. I’m not a finance person, but I do understand there is what is known as the time value of money. You could probably highlight these things.


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