Pay Cash or Face our Debt Collectors: Corporate 24 Warns Clients on Cimas Medical Aid

Pay Cash or Face our Debt Collectors: Corporate 24 Warns Clients on Cimas Medical Aid

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By Cecilia Chidoori

Corporate 24 Hospital group in a public notice warned clients on Cimas Medical Aid to make payments of services rendered by Corporate 24 within seven days, or their debt collectors would pursue recovery.

Corporate 24 said that this decision was not taken lightly, but was a result of sustained non-payment for services by CIMAS since June 2015.

Corporate 24in its public notice said that, “Due to sustained non-payment for services rendered to you by Cimas since June 2015, it has become necessary that we recover the money directly from clients.”

Corporate 24 also said that despite forcing their clients on Cimas Medical Aid, to pay for services rendered they, “always strive to maintain healthy relationships” with all its clients.

Clients are supposed to make the payments from 23 October 2016.

There has been a more than a year tiff between the two business units

The Sunday Mail in May 2016, reported that Cimas has more than 30 000 members, and has allegedly been trying to direct them to use particular service providers. Use of service providers not approved by Cimas, it is alleged, means subscribers pay cash.

In the same month the government ordered Cimas to pay its service providers and guaranteed subscribers that the impasse had been resolved. However, the current communique suggests otherwise.

Back then Health Deputy Minister Aldrin Musiiwa told The Sunday Mail that, “We had initial success in mediating the Cimas-Corporate 24 wrangle and no one has the right to backtrack from the decision we reached earlier as there will be repercussions this time around.”

Cimas was then given 7 days to make the payments to Corporate 24, but the communique suggests that the payments were not made.

The impasse between Corporate 24 and Cimas prejudices the clients and should be solved amicably.

Medical aid subscribers should not be forced to pay cash for services rendered as it goes against the essence of medical insurance.

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